New Philosophy Program for Female and Transgender Undergrads

A new initiative going by the name of “Compass Workshops” is starting up next month. Billed as “a philosophy workshop for female and transgender undergraduates,” the workshops

provide women and gender minority undergraduates a chance to meet each other, and to explore various sub-disciplines within philosophy, in a relaxed and supportive environment. The workshop features six pre-read paper discussion sessions led by graduate students, in addition to two advice sessions with female faculty mentors….

The idea for Compass grew out of a regular reading group organized by female graduate students at Princeton for female undergraduates interested in pursuing philosophy. Both the reading group and the Compass Workshop are initiatives of the Princeton chapter of MAP (Minorities and Philosophy). The name “Compass” is a pun on MAP: the workshop is intended to help undergraduates “find their way” in the discipline.

The first Compass Workshop will take place at Princeton University in February, with a plan to host other workshops annually in different regions of the country.

(via Michael Smith)

Compass Workshop Logo

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8 years ago

This is awesome. Too bad it’s only for undergrads: I’d love to go!