Philosophy Travel & Tourism

Philosophy Travel & Tourism

Guy Crain, professor of philosophy at Rose State College, writes in with the following inquiry:

I’m wondering if there is a resource with collected information about philosophy-related travel/site-seeing.  For instance, is it possible to visit John Stuart Mill’s birthplace?  What libraries or museums (if any) have first editions of philosophical works on display?  What art museums (if any) display original portraits of philosophers? I’m just wondering if you know if anyone has collected info about such things—sites [and artifacts] to see that are significant to the history of philosophy.

I don’t know of any such resource, do you?

It should not be that hard to crowd-source one into existence, though. What philosophy-related sites would be on it? (Check out this for an example.) What paintings or statues or other artifacts (desks? books?) relevant to the history of philosophy are available for public viewing, and where are they? Your suggestions, please.

(image: “Amsterdam” by Ed Fairburn)


Fairburn - Amsterdam

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