2015 Sanders Prize Winners

The Marc Sanders Foundation, which “aims to stimulate renewed appreciation for traditional philosophy by encouraging, identifying and rewarding excellent research in metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of mind, metaethics, political philosophy, and philosophy of religion” has announced the winners of its 2015 prizes. They are:

EpistemologySophie Horowitz (Rice University) for “Accuracy and Educated Guesses”

Metaethics: Alex Silk (University of Birmingham) for “Normative Language in Context”

MetaphysicsJon Litland (University of Texas at Austin) for “Grounding Ground”

Philosophy of MindJohn Morrison (Barnard College, Columbia University) for “Perceptual Confidence”

Political PhilosophyKeith Hyams (University of Warwick) for “On the Contribution of Ex Ante Equality to Ex Post Fairness”

(The Philosophy of Religion prize is a biennial award; this was an off year.)

Each of the winners receives $10,000 and publication of their winning essays (in the corresponding Oxford Studies volume, or, for philosophy of mind, Analytic Philosophy).


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