New Public Philosophy Prize

The Marc Sanders Foundation, which already sponsors a number of philosophy prizes, has agreed to sponsor an award for public philosophy: $4500 and publication of the winning essay in Philosophers’ Imprint. Four runners-up will receive honorable mentions. The award committee is chaired by Susan Wolf, and includes Thomas Hofweber, Barry Maguire, and Patricia O’Toole. Professor Maguire writes in with more information:

The prize is for long-form essays (minimum 3,000 words, maximum 10,000) with significant philosophical content or method written by someone with significant philosophical training primarily for an audience of non-academics. Essays on topics outside practical philosophy are especially encouraged, since they are more scarce. There is no restriction to career stage.  
It is hoped that this prize will encourage more production of excellent long form public philosophy. Everyone should submit something! The first deadline will be some time in December 2016. More details will follow soon.
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Kate Norlock
Kate Norlock
8 years ago

What are “topics outside practical philosophy”?

8 years ago

This was my thought also. A philosophy essay prize for an essay that is not about practical philosophy? I cannot make sense of this idea. And why ‘significant philosophical training’. Surely the quality of the article is the thing. To paraphrase Tina Turner, what has training got to do with it?

Barry Maguire
8 years ago

Thanks for your questions. We hope the prize will stimulate the distribution of philosophical ideas and methods from professional philosophy to people are are not professional philosophers, nor even academics. There is more explicit demand, and more straightforward supply, of ideas from moral philosophy or political philosophy. We wish, in addition, to encourage the distribution of ideas and methods from philosophy of science, epistemology, metaphysics, mind, philosophy of language, logic, philosophy of religion, philosophy of mathematics, etc.