Best Philosophy Blog Post of the Year

3 Quarks Daily has opened up nominations for the 2015 edition of its best philosophy blog post or online-only writing contest.  The judge this year is John Collins (Columbia). You can check out who won the prize in previous years at links from here.

The editors at 3QD write:

As usual, this is the way it will work: the nominating period is now open. There will then be a round of voting by our readers which will narrow down the entries to the top twenty semi-finalists. After this, we will take these top twenty voted-for nominees, and the editors of 3 Quarks Daily will select six finalists from these, plus they may also add up to three wildcard entries of their own choosing. The three winners will be chosen from these by Dr. Collins. The first place award, called the “Top Quark,” will include a cash prize of 500 dollars; the second place prize, the “Strange Quark,” will include a cash prize of 200 dollars; and the third place winner will get the honor of winning the “Charm Quark,” along with a 100 dollar prize.

So head on over there and nominate some blog posts, and if there’s a piece of online philosophy writing you’d like to bring to the attention of DN readers, mention it in the comments here, mug phi


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8 years ago

David Benatar’s “Let’s Oppose Violence Against Men, too”

Clifford Sosis
8 years ago

Not sure if interviews on What Is It Like to Be a Philosopher? qualify, but what the heck, nominate your favorite interview anyway!

Ryan Lake
8 years ago

I wonder if philosophical webcomics qualify?

Ben Gibran
8 years ago

Am I allowed to nominate myself? ‘The Family Resemblance Fallacy’ by Ben Gibran

Margarita Vazquez
Margarita Vazquez
8 years ago

I nominate a post in the blog Fly thinking. All the posta are written in spanish and english.