Burleigh Wilkins (1932-2015)

Burleigh Taylor Wilkins, who was professor of philosophy at the University of California, Santa Barbara for forty-five years, died last month at the age of 83. Wilkins worked in political and legal philosophy, ethics, and the philosophy of history. His career also included appointments at MIT, Princeton, and Rice. A festschrift for him, Essays In Honor of Burleigh Wilkins: From History to Justice, was published in 2001.

There is more information about Wilkins, as well as an upcoming memorial service, here.

Burleigh Wilkins

Burleigh Wilkins

(Thanks to Doug Portmore for this information.)

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Douglas W. Portmore
8 years ago

As I shared on Facebook: I was sad to learn of this today. He was one of my dissertation committee members. I am grateful for his instruction and especially his encouragement during the early stages of my graduate studies, which is when it was most needed. One of my favorite memories of him was during his class on collective responsibility. It was an advanced class and he tried to get a discussion going. But it soon became apparent that the students were not prepared to discuss the readings. He asked those who had done the assigned reading to raise their hands. No one in the class did. So he canceled the class and told the students to each hand him a dollar on his or her way out so that he could go to a movie in compensation for their having wasted his time. The students got the message.