Are You Right for Analysis?

Ben Colburn (Glasgow) writes that Michael Clark (Nottingham), the longstanding editor of Analysis, is planning to retire soon, and that the Analysis Committee is inviting expressions of interest from potential successors. Below is the official invitation:

The Analysis Trust invites expressions of interest regarding the appointment of a new Editor or Editorial team for Analysis, the quarterly analytic philosophy journal. We hope to have the new editor in place by the summer of 2016. In the first instance, interested parties should e-mail the Secretary, Dr Ben Colburn, at Dr Colburn will give details of what is needed for a full proposal. The deadline for such applications will be 15 January 2016.

The Analysis Committee will listen to terms provided by all applicants, but expects to provide financial support for the work of the editor(s), e.g. through paying for administrative assistance and/or teaching relief. We will consider proposals for single or joint editorship, including across different departments if there a clear operational structure worked out. It is expected that the editor(s) will be based in the UK.


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8 years ago

Applied, but received the following reply within 24 hours: ‘The Board has asked me to convey the following message: Many thanks for sending ANALYSIS COMMITTEE your paper ‘Application for Editorship of ANALYSIS’. The competition for space in the editorship of this journal is intense. And though we read your paper with interest, I am afraid that we have had to decide against publication. Sorry!

Please forgive this short formal note. I hope you will understand that, with new submissions arriving every day, the Committee cannot always write giving reasons for our decisions, especially if they are to maintain the good ANALYSIS tradition of giving applicants prompt decisions.’

Reply to  AutoReject
8 years ago

Do you think that mailbot really read your application with interest or just skimmed it instead?