Philosophy Citation Practices Revisited

You may recall that earlier this year, in a guest post, Marcus Arvan decried philosophers’ reading and citation habits. Now, Moti Mizrahi has a post up at The Philosophers’ Cocoon with data showing that philosophy articles, on average, contain fewer than five cites per article [correction, thanks to npa in the comments:] are cited less than five times:

Cites per doc

Additionally, Mizrahi says that other data suggest a downward trend in the percentage of philosophy articles that get cited, though it is unclear (a) whether that is really happening, or whether the data simply reflects that newer articles are, well, newer, and (b) even if it is happening, it may be consistent with an increase in the total amount of citations, and just a function of more articles being published nowadays than fifteen years ago.

See the post and discussion here.

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