Philosophers Among The Browser’s Nominees for Best Writing

You don’t often hear praise in popular culture for the writing of contemporary philosophers, yet The Browser, a popular aggregator of online writing, has included several among their nominees for their 2015 “Golden Giraffes” writing award.

They include:

  • David Benatar, “We Are Creatures That Should Not Exist”
  • Alain de Botton, “We Hate Cheap Things”
  • Les Green,” Bullshit Titles”
  • Charlie Huenemann, “On Killing Virtual Dogs”
  • Clancy Martin, “We Buy Broken Gold”
  • Colin McGinn “The Simulation Game”
  • David Papineau, “Game Theory and Team Reasoning in Sport”

You can vote for your favorite here.

(via David Papineau’s blog, “More Important Than That”)

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