SEP, IEP, NDPR, Wi-Phi Weekly Update

Here are last week’s additions and updates to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP), the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP), Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (NDPR), and Wi-Phi Wireless Philosophy, appearing here via special arrangement with Philosophical Percolations. They were first posted in PhilPercs’ “Saturday Linkorama” along with lots of other philosophy-related links. Thanks to Jon Cogburn, John Fletcher, BP Morton, and Duncan Richter for collecting the links.


  1. Translating and Interpreting Chinese Philosophy (Henry Rosemont Jr.) [NEW: October 27, 2015].
  2. Computer and Information Ethics (Terrell Bynum) [REVISED: October 26, 2015] Changes to: Main text, Bibliography.
  3. Causation in Arabic and Islamic Thought (Kara Richardson) [NEW: October 26, 2015].
  4. Theodor W. Adorno (Lambert Zuidervaart) [REVISED: October 26, 2015] Changes to: Bibliography.


  1. Patrick Bondy’s Epistemic Value.


  1. Lydia Patton reviews Frederick C. Beiser’s The Genesis of Neo-Kantianism, 1796-1880.
  2. Richard Capobianco reviews David Farrell Krell’s Ecstasy, Catastrophe: Heidegger from Being and Time to the Black Notebooks.
  3. Justin Snedegar reviews Robert Audi’s Reasons, Rights, and Values.
  4. John P. Burgess reviews Ian Rumfitt’s The Boundary Stones of Thought: An Essay in the Philosophy of Logic.
  5. Alexander Bird reviews Eric Funkhouser’s The Logical Structure of Kinds.
  6. Colin McLear reviews R. Lanier Anderson’s The Poverty of Conceptual Truth: Kant’s Analytic/Synthetic Distinction and the Limits of Metaphysics.
  7. Jonathan Cohen reviews M. Chirimuuta’s Outside Color: Perceptual Science and the Puzzle of Color in Philosophy.


no new videos last week. Check out previous ones here.

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