Grad Student Sues U. Miami, Colin McGinn, and Edward Erwin

The University of Miami graduate student who previously complained of sexual harassment by Colin McGinn has now filed a federal lawsuit against the university, McGinn, and McGinn’s former colleague, Edward Erwin. The Huffington Post reports:

She’s claiming the school violated its Title IX responsibilities by failing to fully investigate her sexual harassment claims against McGinn in 2012 and failing to stop his retaliation against her. She is also accusing McGinn of sexual harassment and civil assault, and McGinn and Erwin, another UM philosophy professor, of defamation.

The Huffington Post reviewed “several hundred pages of emails and text messages” exchanged between McGinn and the student. It’s not pretty. Here’s just one exchange, which her attorneys say is “emblematic” of her responses to his comments:

McGinn: I love your essence
McGinn: Plus it gives me a slight erection
Student: Can I borrow your philosophy of physics book…the one by lange [sic].

McGinn texted her later that day to say he had an “erotic” and “religious” dream about her; she responded, “Strange.”

There’s more here. Click at your own risk.

Below is the lawsuit. (Normally, I would try to protect the identity of the student, however, at this point The Huffington PostScribd, and The Chronicle of Higher Education have all named her, making that futile. The latter reports that the student “identifies herself publicly for the first time” in the suit.)


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