Aldo Antonelli (1962 – 2015) (several updates)

G. Aldo Antonelli, professor of philosophy at the University of California, Davis, died unexpectedly earlier this week. Professor Antonelli was known largely for his work in logic. Prior to taking up his position at UC Davis, he also taught for many years at UC Irvine, and held appointments at Pittsburgh, Yale, Stanford, Michigan State, and elsewhere. You can learn more about Professor Antonelli at his website. His partner is Elaine Landry, philosopher of mathematics, also in the UC Davis Department.

Aldo Antonelli

I will post links to memorial notices as they appear.

(Via Annalisa Coliva on the SIFA Facebook page).

UPDATE: Via PHILOS-L, from Curtis Franks (Notre Dame):

Aldo Antonelli, whose work in pure and applied logic and the philosophy of mathematics is well-known to many readers of this list, died suddenly while bicycling with friends in Sacramento yesterday.

Aldo contributed to our understanding of the complexity of the non-well founded sets and of the arithmetical heirarchy with novel aplications of the revision theory of truth. He contributed to the consistency problem for NF and the development of defeasible consequence. In a series of papers he recovered and developed Frege’s unique and overlooked metalogical program. His most recent and possibly deepest work extended the generalized interpretation of quantifiers to the first-order case. He was a dedicated teacher, mentor, and advisor, whose unique pedagogical style will be long remembered.

UPDATE (10/14/15): Robert May sends in the official notice from the UC Davis Department of Philosophy regarding the death of Professor Antonelli, including a link to a memorial notice at the department’s homepage:
Our colleague, friend and collaborator, Aldo Antonelli, Professor of philosophy at the University of California, Davis and expert in pure and applied logic, and philosophy of logic, passed away suddenly on Sunday, October 11, 2015 while bicycling in Sacramento, California. He is survived by his partner, Elaine Landry, brother David, sons Federico and Riccardo, and their mother, Giovanna Fogli. To read a memorial, contribute reflections and reminiscences, or contribute to a fund in memory of Aldo, click here or go to
UPDATE (12/15/15): Remarks by Andy Arana on Antonelli, delivered at the Paris-Davis Workshop on the Philosophy of Mathematics, are posted at Richard Zach’s site.

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