Philosopher Poets

It is National Poetry Day in the UK and Ireland.

There are some contemporary philosophers who are also poets—successful, well-published, and acclaimed poets. It strikes me as an unusual combination, and an impressive one at that, as the kinds of linguistic skills and stylistic sensibilities that these literary endeavors require seem so different.

In recognition of National Poetry Day, I asked a few philosopher-poets to share some of their poetry to mark the occasion. They are Troy Jollimore (CSU Chico), John Koethe (University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee), and Brook J. Sadler (University of South Florida). Thank you, poets!

I encourage you to check out their other work.


Jollimore - Critique of Judgment


Koethe - Tenderness of Mathematics


Sadler - Truth in Advertising

(“Truth in Advertising” first appeared in The Cortland Review)


Bonus poem from Brook J. Sadler that’s “good for an academic audience”:

Sadler - Scholarwocky


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