Live From 2003: BEARS Is Back Online

BEARS? Sounds familiar. Then I clicked and saw this —

Bears site l

—and it all came back to me.

Yes, kids, this is what the internet used to look like (and this was a pretty smart-looking site for the time).

Begun in 1995 and last active in 2003, the Brown Electronic Article Review Service was one of the first online journals in philosophy. Maybe the first? The idea was “to electronically publish short but substantial reviews of articles that have appeared in the last six months. By keeping them under 1000 words, they can be easily read by those trying to keep up with recent work. Still, this length allows a substantial critical discussion.”

The site had been down for a long time but is now up. Go see who the brave pioneers of electronic publishing were. Meanwhile, I’m suddenly nostalgic for telnet.

(via David Estlund)

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