Earnings and Occupations of Humanities Undergrads

Earnings and Occupations of Humanities Undergrads

Data about the earnings, occupations, and unemployment of humanities undergraduates (as of 2013) is featured in a new report by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Robert Townsend, director of the organization’s Washington office, writes:

As usual, the main narrative is about the humanities as a whole—where we can at least demonstrate that overall earnings and unemployment are better than the average for all Americans, and the earnings gaps with other undergraduate fields generally narrow with time. Unfortunately, the earnings numbers are a bit tricky for philosophy, because your discipline is lumped in with religious studies by the Census Bureau and we can’t pull them apart. As a result, I suspect the earnings numbers are lower than they would appear for philosophy alone.

The reports posted today include:

For related data on the humanities, see these previous posts.

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