Examples of Public Philosophy

Barry Maguire (UNC) is attempting to get a new prize for public philosophy up and running. By “public philosophy” he means “anything with significant philosophical content or method written by someone with significant philosophical trainining primarily for an audience of non-philosophers.”

He is collecting examples of public philosophy but is having trouble finding examples of a certain type. Perhaps Daily Nous readers can help. Specifically, he is looking to locate essays that meet all of the following criteria:

  • longer than 3000 words
  • not primarily on subjects related to moral or political philosophy
  • ideally not just by white men

It is not that the prize would be limited to such essays. Rather, he is hoping to be able to provide a variety of examples to potential funders. If you know of some examples, or good places to look, please share them in the comments. More news about the prize will be forthcoming as it develops.

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