SEP, IEP, NDPR, Wi-Phi Weekly Update

Appearing here via special arrangement with Philosophical Percolations are last week’s additions and updates to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP), the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP), Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (NDPR), and Wi-Phi Wireless Philosophy. They were first posted in PhilPercs’ “Saturday Linkorama” along with lots of other philosophy-related links, so check it out. Thanks to Jon Cogburn, John Fletcher, and Duncan Richter.


  1. Fitness (Alexander Rosenberg and Frederic Bouchard) [REVISED: September 18, 2015] Changes to: Main text, Bibliography
  2. Max Stirner (David Leopold) [REVISED: September 17, 2015] Changes to: Main text, Bibliography.
  3. Moral Skepticism (Walter Sinnott-Armstrong) [REVISED: September 17, 2015] Changes to: Main text, Bibliography.
  4. Hermann Cohen (Scott Edgar) [REVISED: September 17, 2015] Changes to: Main text, Bibliography.
  5. Naturalism (David Papineau) [REVISED: September 15, 2015] Changes to: Main text, Bibliography, notes.html.
  6. Wilfrid Sellars (Willem deVries) [REVISED: September 14, 2015] Changes to: Main text, Bibliography.


  1. John Pittard’s Religious Disagreement.


  1. Justin Steinberg reviews Yitzhak Y. Melamed (ed.)′ The Young Spinoza: A Metaphysician in the Making.
  2. Susan Meld Shell reviews Alfredo Ferrarin’s The Powers of Pure Reason: Kant and the Idea of Cosmic Philosophy.
  3. Jacob Stegenga reviews Robert Hudson’s Seeing Things: The Philosophy of Reliable Observation.
  4. Nick Riggle reviews Tzachi Zamir’s Acts: Theater, Philosophy, and the Performing Self.
  5. Jason Turner reviews Graham Priest’s One: Being an Investigation into the Unity of Reality and of its Parts, including the Singular Object which is Nothingness.
  6. Mary Kate McGowan reviews Alexander Brown’s Hate Speech Law: A Philosophical Examination.
  7. Dennis Dieks reviews Tim Maudlin’s New Foundations for Physical Geometry: The Theory of Linear Structures.
  8. Ori Belkind reviews Andrew Janiak’s Newton.


  1. Laurie Santos’ Cognitive Biases: Reference Dependence and Loss Aversion.
  2. Laurie Santos’ Cognitive Biases: Pricing Biases.
  3. Laurie Santos’ Cognitive Biases: Anchoring.
  4. Laurie Santos’ Cognitive Biases: Alief.
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