New Philosophy Center Aims to Bridge American – Chinese Gap

The Berggruen Philosophy and Culture Center is an initiative launched to “look past contemporary political differences” between the United States and China “to their deeper intellectual roots.” A project of the Berggruen Institute, the Philosophy and Culture Center

will include a fellowship program between Chinese and American universities; an “ideas contest,” co-sponsored by the Aspen Institute; and an annual $1 million philosophy prize awarded by an international jury

reports The New York Times.

Nicholas Berggruen, the billionaire investor behind the Philosophy and Culture Center, says:

We want to have an impact in a world that is becoming more and more fractured culturally and politically… It’s so clear that different political traditions really come from different cultures, from different views of the world, which in the end have to do with philosophy, with religion, with thinking in general.

The Center’s academic board contains a number of philosophers.

You can learn more at the Center’s website.

UPDATE (9/20/15): Huffington Post has an article with some more detailed information about the Center and its programs.

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