Buchanan Wins 2015-16 PBK Romanell Professorship

Allen Buchanan (Duke/KCL) is the 2015-2016 winner of the Phi Beta Kappa Romanell Professorship. The Romanell Professorship is awarded on the basis of one’s “distinguished achievement and substantial contribution to the public understanding of philosophy.” It includes a $7,500 stipend and three lectures. More details about Buchanan’s work and why he won are here.

The Romanell Professorship has been awarded since 1989 (list of previous winners). It is made possible by an endowment from Patrick and Edna Romanell. Patrick Romanell was a Phi Beta Kappa member from Brooklyn College and was a professor of philosophy at the University of Texas, El Paso. The same endowment sponsors American Philosophical Association’s Romanell Lecture. Phi Beta Kappa also sponsors another set of philosophy awards with the APA, the Lebowitz Prizes.

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