Creating a Climate Survey for Faculty and Staff

A philosophy professor writes in seeking the assistance of Daily Nous readers:

I am the chair of my department’s (brand new) committee on the climate for women and underrepresented minorities in philosophy. One of the first steps that we took, as a committee, was to attempt to anonymously survey all of our philosophy majors and minors on various issues, including of course their perceptions of the climate. Although that was a lot of work, it was made much easier given the existence of already existing models for what such surveys should look like (c.f. the University of Michigan’s excellent graduate student climate survey). 

The results of our survey were incredibly illuminating and have given us a basis for moving forward with regard to the climate for our majors and minors. However, the committee also believed that it would be appropriate to create a similar anonymous survey for the faculty and staff in our department. Our department is large enough that anonymity is possible. Unlike climate surveys aimed at students, we could not find any models for assessing Faculty/Staff climate perceptions. Our current plan is to essentially create it from scratch. I was writing to you to see if anyone knew of any resources that we might be able to use to help us do this. Thanks.

Please share such resources in the comments. If you’ve run a survey like this in the past and have some advice or would like to share your experiences, you are welcome to do so.

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