New Journal: Australasian Philosophical Review

The Australasian Association of Philosophy (AAP) has announced that they are starting a new journal, Australasian Philosophical Review, to be launched in March, 2017. The journal will be adopting a version of an interesting format (similar to that of Ethics, Policy, & Environment):

Each issue of the *Australasian Philosophical Review* will consist of a curatorial introduction, a target article, a set of invited commentaries on the target article, a set of open commentaries on the target article, and a response to the invited and open commentaries.

Each issue of the *Australasian Philosophical Review* will have a different curator, and a different editorial team assembled by the given curator. The editorial team will appoint the author of the target article and the authors of the invited commentaries.

The open commentaries will be written by people who have registered with the journal to be sent alerts when target articles (and invited commentaries) are released to the commentary community. An invitation for submission of proposals for open commentaries will be made when invited material for a forthcoming issue is released. The editorial team will select, from among the submitted proposals, those that will lead to invitations to submit completed commentaries. All of this process will be managed through an online platform that enables double-blind refereeing.

The *Australasian Philosophical Review* is a general journal of philosophy. It will carry target articles — and commentaries — from all philosophical domains and orientations.

More details here.

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