What Contemporary Philosophy Should the “Greats” Read? (Updated)

What Contemporary Philosophy Should the “Greats” Read? (Updated)

Suppose you could go back in time to hand a relatively recent work in philosophy to a pre-20th Century philosopher. Who would you visit, and what philosophical work would you deliver?

To put some parameters on the question:

Which philosophical work published after 1950 do you wish would have been read by which philosopher who died in 1900 or earlier?

Note: The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy and other reference works are not allowed.

UPDATE (7/29/15): There are lots of interesting combinations so far in the comments. At least two questions about the exercise come to mind. (1) Is this a good way of showing that philosophy has made progress? (2) Would the idea behind the exercise make for a legitimate (i.e., well-received) academic article? In some ways the idea is already incorporated implicitly in some works, and explicitly, in a limited way, in others (e.g., when we ask whether Philosopher S would be an S-ian). Are there other examples already out there?

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