Cogito: A New Group Philosophy Blog

Cogito, a new group philosophy blog, has launched. It currently has a roster of nine philosophers, all based in Australia: Matthew Beard (Australian Defence Force Academy), Russell Blackford (Newcastle), Laura D’Olimpio (Notre Dame Australia), Clive Hamilton (Charles Sturt U.), Duncan Ivison (Sydney), Greg Restall (Melbourne), Matthew Sharpe (Deakin), Patrick Stokes (Deakin), and Caroline West (Sydney).

Tim Dean, an editor at The Conversation, where Cogito is based, writes:

Cogito will hopefully serve a few functions. First is to provide a platform for leading philosophers in Australia (and soon New Zealand) to have a voice that speaks directly to the general public. We hope it will help feed the public’s substantial appetite for philosophy, which is currently under-served by the mainstream media. Just as importantly, we aim to apply philosophical thinking to contemporary issues in the media. That might be helping to clarify debates, highlight irrational or fallacious thinking and generally serve as an alternative considered perspective to contrast the table thumping that is the norm in much current discourse. We also want Cogito to serve as a living demonstration of “good disagreement”, where people can see that different views can be held and defended, and opposing views challenged, all in a rational, respectful and (hopefully) a productive way.

There are already several interesting posts up. Check it out!

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George Shiber
8 years ago

I was just wondering if this group is restricted only to Australian/NZ philosophers, since if not, I would like to contribute to the philosophy of science: particularly to the philosophy of mathematics and physics. Awaiting your kind response, sincerely, George.