NCAA’s Report on Academic Fraud at UNC

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) released its report on academic fraud involving student athletes at the University of North Carolina (previously), according to reports at The Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed, and the New York Times. According to the Chronicle, the report focuses “most prominently” on former philosophy professor and ethics center director Jan Boxill. It reports that the NCAA says:

  1. The university gave impermissible benefits to athletes through its fake-classes scheme.
  2. Ms. Boxill gave impermissible benefits to athletes.
  3. Deborah Crowder, a former manager of the department of African and Afro-American studies and the engineer of the fake-classes scheme, violated NCAA ethical standards by refusing interviews with NCAA investigators.
  4. Julius Nyang’oro, a former chair of the department, violated NCAA ethical standards for the same reason.
  5. Because it did not monitor Ms. Boxill and other counselors providing benefits to athletes, the university lacked institutional control.

The allegations are considered, according to the NYT, severe breaches of conduct. A more detailed account of the allegations is at The News & Observer.

Meanwhile, as Dennis Dodd reminds us at CBS Sports, some former students at UNC who took the fake classes are now suing the NCAA. He observes:

No mention was made of what is essentially a growing conflict of interest. While the NCAA is prosecuting North Carolina, it is in court fighting former players suing it because of the scandal. How is it possible for both of those things to be going on at once? The NCAA contends it is not responsible for academic fraud at UNC. Can the association fairly investigate UNC for wrongdoing while being sued by those who allegedly were involved in it?

Sports ethics case study atop sports ethics case study — a good example for philosophy of sport classes, perhaps.

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