Philosopher Arrested For Protesting Fracking

Adam Briggle, associate professor of philosophy at the University of North Texas, has been arrested for engaging in a protest at a Vantage Energy fracking site in Denton, Texas.

Three Denton residents could face criminal trespassing charges after they were arrested early Monday morning in front of the entry to a gas well site on the city’s west side… The trio joined about two dozen other protesters at a Vantage Energy gas well site just after dawn Monday. The group descended on the entry and chained it closed with a giant copy of the citizens initiative banning hydraulic fracturing in Denton. The protesters said they were there to enforce the ban, which was overwhelmingly approved by Denton voters in November. Denton’s ban was effectively nullified when Gov. Greg Abbott signed House Bill 40 on May 18.

More details are reported in the Denton Record-Chronicle.

Professor Briggle is known for his concern with philosophy’s impact. He is the author of A Field Philosopher’s Guide to Fracking: How One Texas Town Stood Up to Big Oil and Gas


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