SEP, IEP, NDPR Weekly Update

Below are last week’s updates and new additions to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP), the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP), and Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews. They appear here via special arrangement with Philosophical Percolations, where they were first posted, along with many other goodies, by Jon Cogburn, BP Morton, Duncan Richter, James Rocha, and Mona Rocha in the “Saturday Linkorama.

Last Week’s SEP

  1. The Correspondence Theory of Truth (Marian David) [REVISED: May 28, 2015]
    Changes to: Main text, Bibliography
  2. Christian von Ehrenfels (Robin Rollinger and Carlo Ierna) [NEW: May 28, 2015]
  3. Quantum Gravity (Steven Weinstein and Dean Rickles) [REVISED: May 27, 2015]
    Changes to: Main text, Bibliography
  4. Darwinism (James Lennox) [REVISED: May 26, 2015]
    Changes to: Main text, Bibliography, notes.html
  5. The Biological Notion of Self and Non-self (Alfred Tauber) [REVISED: May 21, 2015]
    Changes to: Main text, Bibliography
  6. Johannes Kepler (Daniel A. Di Liscia) [REVISED: May 21, 2015]
    Changes to: Main text, Bibliography

Last Week’s IEP:

  1. Epistemic Consequentialism (Jeffrey Dunn).
  2. Spinoza: Moral Philosophy (John Grey).
  3. The Upanisads (Brian Black).
  4. Totalitarianism (Eric B. Litwack).
  5. Thomas Reid: Philosophy of Mind (Marina Folescu).

Last Week’s NDPR

  1. Avery Kolers reviews Gillian Brock and Michael Blake’s Debating Brain Drain: May Governments Restrict Emigration?
  2. Michael R. Kelly reviews David Detmer’s Phenomenology Explained: From Experience to Insight.
  3. Neil A. Manson reviews Daniel Steel’s Philosophy and the Precautionary Principle: Science, Evidence, and Environmental Policy.
  4. Daniel Crow reviews Kevin Jung’s Christian Ethics and Commonsense Morality: An Intuitionist Account.
  5. Vanessa Carbonell reviews Lisa Tessman’s Moral Failure: On the Impossible Demands of Morality.
  6. Deborah Perron Tollefsen reviews Jennifer Lackey’s (ed.) Essays in Collective Epistemology.
  7. Dwayne A. Tunstall reviews Jeremy Pierce’s A Realist Metaphysics of Race: A Context-Sensitive, Short-Term Retentionist, Long-Term Revisionist Approach.
  8. Dustin Stokes reviews Mohan Matthen and Stephen Biggs’ (eds.) Perception and its Modalities.
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9 years ago

The author of the NDPR review of “Perception and its Modalities” is Louise Richardson. Dustin Stokes is one of the editors.