Barnett to Resign from Colorado (updated)

David Barnett, an associate professor of philosophy at the University of Colorado, Boulder, will be resigning from the school with a $210,000 settlement. Barnett had gone through termination proceedings last year on grounds that he had retaliated against a student who had complained about another student sexually assaulting her (previous stories on this here). The Daily Camera reports:

Barnett, an associate professor in the philosophy department on the Boulder campus, has been on paid leave this academic year. His resignation is effective May 31. He will receive $160,000 and his attorney, Brian Moore, will receive $50,000 from the university…

In a newsletter to the campus this afternoon, Chancellor Phil DiStefano said CU avoids “years of ongoing litigation” with the settlement. “This action is part of our ongoing efforts to support the department’s work to make improvements in the workplace and academic culture over the last 16 months, while continuing to build a supportive environment for women as faculty members, graduate students, and undergraduates both in the department and across the CU-Boulder campus,” he said in the newsletter.

In January, the faculty panel responsible for reviewing the university’s allegations against Barnett concluded that he was not guilty of retaliation.

The rest of the Daily Camera report is here.

UPDATE: The Daily Camera article has been updated to note that “CU is also forgiving an $80,000 down payment assistance loan for Barnett, according to both sides,” bringing the settlement figure up to $290,000.

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