Philosophers’ TV Guide

No, no one has created one yet, but it would be useful. Something close to it is the philosophy page at TV Tropes, which lists various philosophical themes that, when clicked on, will take  you to a page describing the theme in more detail and giving examples of it in a variety of mediums, including television.

Speaking of TV, Alison Gopnik (Berkeley) sent over the link to her latest column in the Wall Street Journal discussing questions of loyalty in “The Americans,” a series that got a few shout outs in our recent TV post.

Meanwhile, The Series Philosopher had a recent update, turning to The Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt. AlsoI learned that there is an entire Tumblr dedicated to the legal ethics of Better Call Saul, the new Breaking Bad spin-off.

Oh, and don’t forget Philosophy TV, which last month posted a conversation between Kate Padgett Walsh (Iowa State) and Laura Papish (GW) on love and freedom.

If you know of other TV & philosophy resources, please share them in the comments here.

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9 years ago

You should put a warning on the link to TV Tropes, that clicking on this website has been known to stop all work for an entire day.

9 years ago

Thanks for quoting The Series Philosopher! 🙂