A Philosophy Department Is Born

In an era in which we are hearing more and more about threats to the humanities, including the consolidation and elimination of departments, it is nice to have some good news. Tiger Roholt of Montclair State University writes in with some:

Since the 1960s, the Philosophy program at Montclair State University has existed within a shared department, alongside Religious Studies. We philosophers at Montclair are pleased to announce the founding of a new, independent Department of Philosophy, effective July 1, 2015. 

There will also be an independent Religious Studies department. Professor Roholt credits Montclair State’s President Susan Cole, Provost Willard Gingerich, and Dean Luis Montesinos with supporting the creation of the department. Congratulations, Montclair State University philosophers!

Check out the great “Why Study Philosophy?” video on their web page (warning: it is accompanied by some lovely music).

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David Killoren
David Killoren
9 years ago

How often do new philosophy departments come into existence? How often do they die?