Five Philosophers Win NHC Fellowships

Five philosophers are among the winners of fellowships from the National Humanities Center. They are:

  • Sara Bernstein (Philosophy, Duke University) What Might Have Been: Causation and Possibility (Philip L. Quinn Fellowship)
  • Owen Flanagan (Philosophy, Duke University) The Geography of Morals: Varieties of Moral Possibility (Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship)
  • Beatrice Longuenesse (Philosophy, New York University) Self-Consciousness and the First Person (Carl and Lily Pforzheimer Foundation Fellowship)
  • Daniel Nolan (Philosophy, Australian National University) Theoretical Virtues (William J. Bouwsma Fellowship)
  • Grant Ramsey (Philosophy, Notre Dame / KU Leuven) Toward a Unified Foundation for Evolutionary Theory (NEH Fellowship)


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