Police Violence, Race, and…?

By now most of you will have heard about the two most recent publicized incidents of police killing unarmed black men in the United States. (Warning: the following videos are very disturbing.)  One was a shooting that took place in South Carolina:

The other, even more horrifically, was the allowing of a police dog to maul to death a New Jersey man who had already laid down on the ground to surrender after being punched and kicked by the police:

The issues these videos raise have been touched on before here at Daily Nous (Ferguson & Philosophy Class, How Many Police Shootings Are Too Many?, Philosophy of Police Violence and Mass Incarceration) and also, recently, at other philosophy sites, most notably in a series of articles at The Critique called “Black Lives Matter: The Problem of Race and Police Ethics.” These events can be paralyzing in their awfulness. And then when you think back to the era before the democratization of video recording and publishing… no words. That this era is the best (right?) in U.S. history regarding race relations and police accountability, and still, this horror.

I don’t know what to say. But if you do, feel free. And if you notice philosophers discussing these events elsewhere, please provide links in the comments.

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