A Site To Help With Non-Academic Employment

A Site To Help With Non-Academic Employment

Hiring the Humanities is a new website that aims to assist those currently working in the humanities find employment outside academia. It was started by James Gibson, a former philosophy PhD student, who now works as a programmer. The site has just launched, and is looking for content from people who have transitioned from academia to a non-academic careers. It aims to:


  • Advocate that non-academic successful career paths for individuals with humanities degrees are viable and beneficial to those individuals and their employers;
  • Help individuals, employers, and universities become aware of unconventional career paths for individuals with humanities degrees;
  • Provide hope to talented individuals seeking work but who are not sure how their humanities degrees will be of use to them.


James writes:

Here are some sample questions that someone might write about and submit to us as a potential blog post: How does one go from discipline x into field y? What hurdles are there? To what extent did their academic field help them in getting into this other career? Where would be the best place to start in order to get into field x? How did they cope with depression and anxiety after leaving academia and what useful advice would they give to those who are thinking about leaving? How might academics think about using their departments for job placement outside of the academy given the skills they teach? What might a resume look like coming from academic field X to get into job-type Y? 

Also, there is a page that displays companies that are humanities-friendly. Surely there are others. If so, I’d like to know and list those too.
I would recommend that readers interested in this project just peruse the site a bit and see what the goals are and potential ways they might consider contributing. There really isn’t any money in this project for myself or the other person maintaining it.  And we are not funded by anyone. So we cannot pay anyone for their contribution. There are big problems that exist for humanities departments and the people who graduate from them. Our goal is to try to create novel solutions to those problems by making the humanities relevant to a broader audience, and we hope that others will join us in this. In order for something like this to be really useful to others, we need other people who have experience in this matter from a variety of backgrounds.

Please share this site with anyone you know who has left academia for non-academic employment. James can be reached at [email protected] or via the contact page at Hiring the Humanities.
P.S. Don’t forget about the Daily Nous listing of non-academic hires.
(image: photo of  “1000 Doors” by Choi Jeong-Hwa)


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