Times Higher Ed University Rankings

Times Higher Education has released its 2015 “World Reputation Rankings” of universities. As its title suggests, this a reputational survey, so, subject to many of the same concerns and cautions that all such surveys raise. THE site says:

Some 10,507 senior scholars took part in this year’s invitation-only Academic Reputation Survey. They provided their time and expertise (based on specialist subject knowledge) to help us create this unique peer-reviewed list of the world’s biggest university brands. These tables are based purely on subjective opinion, but it is the informed opinion of those who know most about excellence in teaching and research: academics themselves.

I do not know how many philosophers were asked to participate. Their page on methodology does not say. It does say this, though:

The reputation table ranks institutions according to an overall measure of their esteem that combines data on their reputation for research and teaching. The two scores are combined at a ratio of 2:1, giving more weight to research because feedback from our expert advisers suggests that there is greater confidence in respondents’ ability to make accurate judgements about research quality. The scores are based on the number of times an institution is cited by respondents as being the best in their field.

That doesn’t sound like an arbitrary mishmash at all.

The overall rankings can be found here; the top 100 “Arts & Humanities” rankings are here. The top 50 in that grouping are below:

THE humanities rankings top 50


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