Live Twitter Chat w/ Timothy Williamson

Timothy Williamson’s new book, Tetralogue: I’m Right, You’re Wrong, is a philosophical conversation that takes place on a train between four characters. As Catarina Dutilh Novaes describes in her review of the book in Times Higher Education:

We meet Bob, who represents those who subscribe to “ancestral” modes of thinking, including superstition, belief in witchcraft and so forth; Sarah, the staunch child of the Enlightenment, firmly convinced of the superiority of scientific knowledge; Zac, the relativist who abhors absolutist views and rejects the idea that anything can be true or false simpliciter; Roxana, a (somewhat unpleasant) latecomer in the conversation, who represents rationality taken to its extreme. She is the one who pursues the logical consequences of each position to its (sometimes absurd) limits, and who perhaps most closely echoes the author’s own voice. As these people try to resolve their differences and convince each other of their own worldviews, Williamson explores the ins and outs of rational debate. 

As part of the clever publicity campaign for the book, which includes an excerpt on the OUP Blog, Williamson, in the character of “Bob,” (featured in that excerpt), will be holding a live Twitter chat at 9am Eastern tomorrow (Friday). You can tweet your questions for “Bob” via @TetralogueBook in advance, and follow when it goes live. Twitter chats with the other characters will follow on Fridays throughout the month. Sounds to me like an excellent extra credit assignment for students.

(via Katie Stileman at OUP)


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