Dan Kaufman’s Lawsuit Against CU-Boulder is Filed

After filing four notices of claim last August, Dan Kaufman has now officially filed his lawsuit against CU-Boulder, “alleging the school both discriminated and retaliated against him because he has a disability.”

From an article in the Daily Camera:

Kaufman alleges that by kicking him off campus and taking other actions against him, CU violated his rights under the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities by programs receiving federal funding. Kaufman also claims that he was denied due process and equal protection under the law, and says he was subjected to outrageous conduct and intentional emotional distress. He’s also suing for defamation.

In light of recent discussions here and elsewhere about depression in philosophy, it is worth noting that in his lawsuit Kaufman identifies his disability as “major depression with psychotic features.” More details are provided in the Daily Camera article.

The university’s said that the actions it took in regard to Kaufman were for the “safety of its faculty, students and staff.”

When plans for the suit were announced last summer, a figure of $2 million was mentioned. The current lawsuit does not name an amount.

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