APA Looking for Blog Editor (updated)

The American Philosophical Association (APA) will be starting a blog and is conducting a search for its editor:

APA Seeks Blog Editor

Ha ha ha, APA. Thanks for the invitation.

According to an email from APA Executive Director Amy Ferrer:

The blog will give the APA a major presence in the blogosphere, while helping to serve the mission of the association and providing a forum for the APA to disseminate important information and publicly address the membership on critical issues.

The blog will include a wide variety of content: newsworthy philosophical achievements and successes, topics of philosophical interest, current events outside of philosophy, issues concerning the profession, information about APA events and activities, posts about APA grant-funded projects, and more.

The blog will have a lead editor, assisted by a team of associate editors and members of the APA staff who will serve as managing editors. The editorial team will oversee the blog and its content, working closely with an advisory team and APA leadership. The APA will provide stipends for lead and associate editors.

We now invite applications for the position of lead editor. Applicants for lead editor should be established philosophers with appropriate experience, and must be members of the association. Applications must include a cover letter, a short curriculum vitae (three pages maximum), and a brief statement describing the applicant’s approach to running the blog.

More details here.

UPDATE: In the comments below, Fritz J. McDonald makes some suggestions about what the APA Blog should be like. Further discussion of this is welcome.


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