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Daily Nous readership has grown quite a bit over the past few months and it occurs to me that some new visitors may not know about the Heap of Links. The Heap of Links is located just a little bit down the page in the right sidebar of the site (or, if viewing the site on a phone, below several of the main posts). It contains links, updated as they come in (often a few times a day), to various items that I think you’ll find of interest. All of the links posted in the Heap since October can also be viewed on the Heap’s own top-secret page, which itself is accessible by clicking on the not-so-secret “Heap of Links” in the top menu bar. If you have suggestions for the Heap of Links, please email them to me. Thanks!

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9 years ago

I’ll be honest – since you moved the heap of links from the main page, I never see/read them. The problem is that I view Daily Nous through a news aggregator along with the other blogs, journals, and websites that I like to keep track of. When new content is added to the “Heap of Links” page, it doesn’t show up in my feed. Maybe a separate RSS feed for that page would be helpful? (Although I don’t know if it’s feasible.)

Jon Cogburn
9 years ago

Sorry to hijack. This is just a test to see if my letter to Askimet (the manager of wordpress’ master spam list) resulted in me being able to post comments again to wordpress blogs.