Lupe Fiasco Hands Off Philosophy Sunday to WiPhi

Lupe Fiasco Hands Off Philosophy Sunday to WiPhi

Rapper Lupe Fiasco has been running a weekly philosophy discussion on Twitter called Philosophy Sunday (#PhilosophySunday). With a new album about to come out, he is handing off responsibility for the discussion over to the folks at Wi-Phi. Their first run at it will be tomorrow, January 18th, starting at 2pm EST. Gaurav Vazirani, a philosophy PhD student at Yale and the founder and executive director of Wi-Phi, writes in with more information and a request to philosophers:

We see this as a great opportunity to engage in a public discussion of philosophy and we were hoping that the community might be willing to join us in having an engaging conversation. Moreover, in honor of Dr. King we will be discussing the “Letter from Birmingham Jail” and also civil disobedience more broadly. Given current events we believe this is the perfect topic. However, it’s easy for these discussions to devolve into something unpleasant and we think having philosophers genuinely engaged can really help.

He adds the following details:

Hashtag:  #PhilosophySunday #PS
Twitter username:  @wirelessphi 
Theme:  Justice and Civil Disobedience in Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail”
Overtime Video: “Original Position” by Luvell Anderson
How to engage: Users tag all replies with #PS
Start Time: 2pm EST, January 18th

P.S. Here’s a track off of Lupe Fiasco’s new album:

And here’s one—Daydreamin’—that he won a Grammy for.

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9 years ago

Lupe Fiasco is easily one of the most philosophically interesting rappers out there. I take it that every philosopher’s who likes rap has already checked him out, but just in case, here are some links:

Religion: Lamborghini Angels —
Language (Slurs): Bitch Bad —
Social/Political: Around my Way (Freedom Isn’t Free) —
Love: Battle Scars —
Political Philosophy: American Terrorist —
Political Philosophy: All Black Everything —

And two favorites:
Failure —
Dumb it Down —

9 years ago

I recommend Lupe Fiasco to everyone.

9 years ago

Don’t forget “2 Ways”: