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Another grad program wiki is up — this time for experimental philosophy. It was put together by Joshua Knobe and Christian Mott (both at Yale). Shawn Miller (UC Davis), who created PhilWiki and the template that has been used to make the various subject-specific wikis, writes:

Notable, perhaps, is that the total time it took Joshua and Christian to get the site online—from the time they emailed me requesting a wiki to the time they emailed me indicating that the site was ready—was 48 hours and 50 minutes. So these sites can really be churned out fairly quickly, in part because PhilWiki.net provides documentation and instructions as well as a running list of properly formatted links to philosophy Ph.D. programs (currently numbering 128) that help speed development. Of course, the real credit goes to Joshua and Christian for working so quickly.

Miller has more to say about the wikis here.

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9 years ago

this is dope!