Allen Phillips Griffiths (1927-2014)

Allen Phillips Griffiths, emeritus professor of philosophy at—and one of the founders of—the University of Warwick, has died.  Professor Griffiths worked in a wide range of philosophical areas, including ethics and political philosophy, epistemology, and philosophy of psychology. There is a brief memorial notice here. Update (12/17/14): a longer obituary is now at that link.

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9 years ago

I would like to pay homage to Allen Philipps Griffiths. I met him when he invited me in 1987 to give a talk at the Royal Institute of philosophy on ” Contemporary French analytic philosophy”. I was very honored , but to the disappointment of the audience reported that there wasn’t any. Thirty years later I’m still unsure whether there is any. He was a very charming man, who already at that time seemed to me to rather old. He took me to dnner with his friend Cyril Barrett, who was a Jesuit and who wrote on Wittgenstein , and then to the Saville Club, one of the most famous Clubs in London of which he was a member. That was a very memorable evening ( I mean for me to go to a British Club, not to talk about a nonentity) . Philipps Griffiths incarnated, in my eyes, The British Philosopher: sharp, smart , kind, rather distant, ironical, funny. He belonged to the generation of students of Ryle and HH Price. He published many books, and edited quite a lot . His article “On Belief” in the volume he edited for OUP on Knowledge and Belief is a masterpiece. It proposed, after Cook Wilson and Findlay, a first version of what is now called the fitting attitude conception of belief. Just an incentive to oblivious-or- ignorant-of-literature- earlier- than- two- years-ago-young- philosophers to read that article.

Arati Barua
Arati Barua
9 years ago

I am deeply saddened by the news of the demise of Prof A P Griffiths (Griff). I fondly remember the days when I was in Warwick Univ and he was my informal supervisor of my PH D work. I used to call him ‘Sir’ and he always objected to it but I could not change my habit. I started calling him “Griff” recently when we began to write in FB. He has written the foreword to my book ” The Philosophy of A Schopenhauer” which actually was a work being supervised by him. So many things are coming to my mind that I just can’t say anything right now. I am very upset with the news. This is great loss to the academic world and particularly to the philosophical world. In fact I was about to write to him that the International conference on Schopenhauer that I am organising at Delhi is coming up and that is the reason i was looking for him and then I got this news very very upsetting . May God give peace and rest to his soul. Arati Barua, New Delhi, India,