Being a Philosopher of Color — a New Blog

A new blog project, What Is It Like to be a Person of Color in Philosophy?, has just launched. From the “about” page:

This blog contains narratives of personal experiences, submitted by readers, of life in philosophy as a person of color. Some of these stories will undoubtedly be accounts of racial bias, whether explicit, unconscious, or institutional. However, other posts will be accounts of progress being undertaken or achieved. This is a project of several philosophers of all colors, moderated by a group of philosophy faculty from a variety of institutions. It is partly inspired by the thoughtful conversations that grew up around the blog What is it Like to be a Woman in Philosophy. We invite everyone to contribute. Many posts will be written by people of color in philosophy. But we hope that not all will be.

The current faculty moderators are Ruth Chang (Rutgers), Lee Hester (University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma), Desiree Melton (Notre Dame of Maryland University, Baltimore), Mickaella Perina (University of Massachusetts, Boston), Tommie Shelby (Harvard), Manuel Vargas (University of San Francisco), Kyle Whyte (Michigan State University), and David Wong (Duke).

Thanks to Ruth Chang for sharing this news. She adds: “By clicking on the three ‘bars’ in the hexagon, a links bar pops up and people can submit stories anonymously as well as learn more about the blog.”

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Kelly Hayden
Kelly Hayden
9 years ago

This title could easily be misread as announcing a new blog written by philosophers studying the metaphysics of color.