Monton Resigns from Colorado

Brad Monton will resign from his position as associate professor of philosophy at the University of Colorado, effective June 1st, 2015. In exchange, the university will pay him an additional $120,000 and halt its investigation into him for possible violations of its policies regarding amorous relationships with students. Monton is currently on paid leave, and will not teach next semester, either.

From the Daily Camera article about the story:

CU’s policy requires individuals to disclose romantic relationships in which one person supervises the other….  

While the relationships themselves are permitted, the individual with “evaluative authority” is required by CU to recuse him or herself from supervising or grading the other party, according to the policy.

CU administrators declined to provide more detail about the accusations against Monton, citing confidentiality rules around personnel matters. 

“CU made a business decision and it was in the best interest of both parties to reach this agreement,” DiStefano said in a statement. “Under the leadership of department chair Andy Cowell, the philosophy department has made great strides over the past year to improve its climate and culture. We plan to keep moving in that direction.”

Monton declined an interview from the Daily Camera, but did forward them an email in which he writes:

As you may have gathered, I’ve been unhappy with the administration’s recent treatment of me and others in the philosophy department… But I’m not interested (here or anywhere) in dwelling on the past; the good news is that the administration and I have reached a settlement agreement that will enable me to pursue other interests.

The settlement agreement can be viewed here.

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