David Fate Norton (1937-2014)

David Fate Norton, professor emeritus of philosophy at McGill, has died. Professor Norton worked on Hume and other 18th Century British philosophy, especially skepticism and moral theory. Among other things, he authored David Hume: Common-Sense Moralist, Sceptical Metaphysician, and co-edited the OUP edition of Hume’s Treatise and The Cambridge Companion to Hume. There is currently a brief memorial notice up at the website of The Hume Society.

If further information becomes available, I will post it here. (If someone knows Professor Norton’s birth year, please tell me. Thank you. UPDATE: Thank you to Richard McCarty for supplying this information.)

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Monte Johnson
Monte Johnson
9 years ago

David Fate Norton earned his Ph. D. in Philosophy at UC San Diego in 1965– the very first Ph. D. in Philosophy awarded at UCSD. He was in 1965 hired on as Assistant Professor in the UCSD Philosophy Department. The faculty then consisted of: Professor Richard Popkin (Chair), Professors Paul Dibbon, Paul Henry, Herbert Marcuse, Jason Saunders, and Avrum Stroll; Assistant Professors David Fate Norton and Rudolph Makkreel; and Senior Lecturer Stanley Moore.