Colorado to Resume Graduate Admissions (updated)

The Department of Philosophy at the University of Colorado will resume admissions to its graduate program for the 2015-16 academic year. Admissions had been suspended last year following the site visit report of the American Philosophical Association’s Committee on the Status of Women (previously). From the university press release:

The move follows the enactment of reforms and changes begun last November across 10 major areas to address issues of discrimination, harassment and a combative work culture that previously existed inside the department…. Over the course of the last nine months, the department’s faculty “had willingly participated in numerous facilitated department workshops, as well as activities and exercises to build the culture. They also took many other measures to address issues of harassment and discrimination, create a more positive and inclusive workplace, and improve instruction of and interaction with students at all levels.” 

A statement from graduate students in the department was included in the press release:

“As the graduate student representatives to the Climate Committee, we are pleased that the philosophy department has taken the necessary steps to reopen graduate admissions. We hope that this development will encourage even more progress towards improving our department’s climate. We would like applicants to know that there are already practices in place to support incoming students. Specifically, we intend to work with other graduate students, other members of the climate committee, and departmental and university leadership to enhance and to strengthen several current mentorship programs wherein incoming graduate students, as well as undergraduates, are paired with faculty and senior graduate students. We are committed to helping incoming students integrate into the academic and social life of the department.” 

The university released a list of reform measures taken in the department along with the press release.

UPDATE (10/16/14): The Daily Camera has an article on this story, with some review of the main issues and quotes from some of the parties involved, here.

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