Live-Tweeting Conferences

Leigh Johnson (Christian Brothers University) has issued a CFT — a call for tweeters — for the upcoming meeting of the Society for Phenomenology and Existentialist Philosophy (SPEP) later this month. (The tweets from last year’s conference are archived here.) What are the benefits of having people live tweet a conference? Johnson’s answer includes:

  • keeps you informed about what is happening in concurrent sessions
  • allows for additional questions and discussions of presentations beyond the limited time of the sessions
  • puts you in touch with new people interested in similar topics

You can go to her post for more details. I’d be curious to hear about others’ experiences with and thoughts about live-tweeting conferences.

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Justin Caouette
9 years ago

I recently live-tweeted the 2014 Calgary Summit of Philosophers of Science (info here > ) and it was great! Discussions took place with philosophers of science that were on different continents and it made for a nice experience. There were about 5 grad students and about 5 profs tweeting throughout. One of the best reasons to live-tweet (IMHO), is that it gives folks access to what’s being said without being there and I think this is a great way to inform the public, particularly less fortunate folks that might be interested in what’s being said at these conference to get an idea of what is going on. It gives others who could not attend for a variety of reasons a voice and allows them to ask questions that they would not be able ask if they were not kept in the loop via live-tweeting. I think it’s a great idea and I hope more folks start doing this in the near future. I’ll be doing it at the Central APA this year, though I might try and refrain from tweeting during my talk.

Kudos to Leigh for archiving last year’s tweets. I didn’t think to do that for the summit. The hashtag for the Summit was #CalgarySummit2014