What Google Thinks People Think About Philosophers

What Google Thinks People Think About Philosophers

Enter a word or two into Google and its guesses about what you’re looking for, based on what most other people have looked for using similar words, will appear.

So what do people think of philosophers? Hmmm….

Google on Philosophers 2

How does Google autocomplete other philosophy-related searches? If you find one worth sharing, take a screenshot, send it to [email protected], and I’ll post it here.

from Craig Bacon:

google philosophers want to

from Tomas Bogardus:

google on philosophers never


from HK Anderson, who notices that Google’s answers depend on how you ask:

google on all are phil

Jeff Sebo and Danielle Wenner both sent in versions of this:

google philosophy is

from Jeff Heikkinen, who notes how the results change with the addition of a single letter:

google why do philosophers trio

from Chris Hinchcliffe:

google does philosophy



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