Non-Academic Hires — a Reminder

Non-Academic Hires — a Reminder

The academic philosophy job market is underway, but academia is not the only place philosophy PhDs might be seeking employment. Check out the Non-Academic Hires page here at Daily Nous to see what kind of work philosophers have landed outside of academia. If you are a philosopher who has recently found employment outside academia, please add your information to that page. Publicizing this information not only gives ideas to job-seekers but also sends a message to potential non-academic employers that philosophers could be good hires.

The list is already yielding dividends, by the way. The first person on it, Adam Hogan, works for a company called Atlas Fibre. It has worked out so well that his company hired another philosopher, and now they are looking to hire yet another (disclosure: they currently have an ad running for this position, the one which says, “We want to hire people who can think”).

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