Change the Face of Philosophy — Right Now

Philosophy in an Inclusive Key Summer Institute (PIKSI) is a weeklong summer school that brings undergraduates from underrepresented groups into graduate school for philosophy. It has been operating for nine years, in part with funding from the American Philosophical Association. That funding is no longer assured, and so PIKSI needs your help. Its organizers are running a crowd-funding campaign here. They are more than halfway to their modest goal. If everyone who reads this contributes just five dollars they would meet that goal in a day, easy. Go to the site, read about it (some interesting facts there), watch the video, and make a contribution. (Thanks to Serene Khader, the institute’s incoming director, and several other readers, for bringing this to my attention.)

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Barbara Andrew
Barbara Andrew
9 years ago

Thanks for your support. This is an important way to increase diversity in the profession.

Aaron Garrett
9 years ago

Thank you for doing this. This is a really important initiative. I hope the community of philosophers gives and gives a lot.