Calling UK & Europe Philosophers Working On…

Miranda Fricker, Jennifer Saul, and Holly Lawford-Smith at the University of Sheffield are interested in hearing from anyone with an interest in epistemological, metaphysical, and normative issues that touch on, apply to, or might be extended to, Philosophy of Race broadly construed. They write:

“Our own interests range over issues of social construction, culpable ignorance, implicit bias, political speech and manipulation, historic injustice, racial privilege, and rectificatory justice. But race touches on many other areas of philosophy besides these, and we’re keen to hear from anyone and everyone who thinks they might have something to contribute! At the moment we’re just keen to hear from people so that we can put a list together, with a view to future workshops and research events. It would be great if you could tell us your name, institutional affiliation, and a little about the research interests you have that relate or might come to relate to Philosophy of Race. You can email us at [email protected].”

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