A Response to the Colorado Undergrad

Wes Morriston, who retired this past summer after 42 years as a member of the philosophy department at the University of Colorado, has written a letter to the editor responding to the column by alumna Allison Blakeney (previously) asserting that the department has a “rape culture.”

There are several very basic things your readers need to know. No one in the department has ever been accused of rape, or of being a passive bystander to a rape, or of promoting or excusing or otherwise winking at rape. No one in the department has ever suggested that a woman with a sexually promiscuous past cannot be raped, or that a woman who has consented once has given her consent in perpetuity.

There has been one (and only one) allegation of sexual assault. The accused person was not a professor, and there were no bystanders in the case of this particular incident.

I cannot see how any fair-minded person could think this adds up to a “rape culture.”

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